FRIDAY 20 NOV 2009 10:43 AM


In research out this week, 70% of PR professionals said they expected their PR budgets to stay at the same level.

The research – carried out by Vocus, the provider of on-demand software for public relations management – was produced following interviews with 280 UK-based PR professionals. The figures indicated that 35 % indicated PR budgets will remain flat in 2010, though more than one-third also said they anticipated their budget increasing slightly (29 %) or significantly (7%); 30% see budgets decreasing slightly. The research also showed that the key area of investment for 2010 was likely to be social media, with 74% indicating expenditure on this.

The research, however, seems to runs counter to much anecdotal evidence. At a recent conference, Martin Sorrell, managing director of communications group WPP, recently announced that budgets among WPP agencies were being reduced by 15% in anticipation of reduced expenditure.