FRIDAY 20 NOV 2009 10:52 AM


Dow Jones, the global business news and information services firm, has launched the Dow Jones Media Relations Manager, a news-enabled media database and contact management tool to pinpoint and engage the journalists and bloggers who are most likely to be interested in a particular story.

The new product links Dow Jones’s global collection of traditional and social media coverage with contact information on print and broadcast journalists and bloggers. Communications professionals are then able to identify who will be most interested in their story and how best to contact and pitch to them. Users are able to locate the right journalist or blogger based on the actual words and topics they’re currently writing about. They can also view analysis of what that journalist or blogger is covering, including companies, industries, subjects and executives as well as the keywords they are most frequently using in their articles or posts.

“For communications professionals, the increasingly fragmented media landscape adds to the challenge of quickly finding the right journalist or blogger who will be interested in their story,” says Martin Murtland, managing director, Dow Jones Solutions for Communications Professionals. “Dow Jones Media Relations Manager helps media relations professionals build media lists and personalised, highly relevant and more effective pitches based on the stories the journalists or bloggers have actually written or communicated.”