THURSDAY 3 DEC 2009 11:01 AM


The British Association of Communicators in Business (CiB) has recognised the finest practitioners of internal communications.

The awards assess levels of professional attainment, dedication and consistent achievement in an individual or team rather than focusing entirely on a specific output such as a publication, project or campaign.

Malcolm Tait of Think Publishing won best editor (print) for Wildabout for the Zoological Society), while Jason Dowty of Sequel won Best editor (online) for news O2 for O2. The prize for best in-house team (corporate) went to Makro Cash and Carry’s internal communications team and the equivalent prize for the public/not-for-profit sector was won by the internal comms team of Surrey Police. Best agency team went to the Barclays Globe magazine team at Wardour.

Awards chairman Dave Morris said: “Internal communications is as much about the people as it is the products, and I’m delighted this award programme is celebrating the personalities which drive organizational communication.”

The other winners were:

Best writer (print and online)  Cliff Caswell (for Soldier)
Best designer (print) Jenny Hoyle, Words and Pictures (for Open for T-Mobile and Dress for Success for George)
Best designer (online)     Joe Gardiner, Wardour (for Vision for Aon and Landscape for the Landscape Institute)
Best photographer    Alan Barton, Words and Pictures
Best freelance  Louise Birkett (for work on National Grid’s Company News Channel)
Best newcomer to the industry   Sarah Hodges, Essex County Council
Best communications manager     Cathryn Halton of G4S Secure Solutions (UK)