WEDNESDAY 16 JUN 2010 5:05 PM


A new design agency specialising in digital and print projects, CSbluehas been launched by the financial and corporate agency CitySavvy.

Matt Gower, a Founding Director of CitySavvy, is heading up CSblue as its Managing Director.  Gower said ‘There is a number of good design agencies in our market, but what clients tell us is that their strategic advice and content are not at the right level. We know these to be our strengths and see them as differentiators, alongside our creative input and expert execution.’

CSblue’s client list is closely linked to CitySavvy’s, with Shell and Heineken, amongst others, featuring on both: this reflects the pan-European focus of both companies, with offices in London and Amsterdam.  Gower acknowledged this, saying, ‘we’re bringing a lot of the work we already do under a new brand. We’re very excited by the response we’ve had.’

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