FRIDAY 16 JUL 2010 10:33 AM


A new book has been launched this week which aims to offer fresh insight into the way social media can benefit internal comms.

Exploring Internal Communication, a new title from CIPR qualifications centre PR Academy, advocates an integrated approach to social media. It argues that a combination of different forms of social media – written, visual and experiential (such as Second Life) – helps to more effectively engage with employees, and suggests that, while face-to-face communication is important, it isn’t always achievable or affordable.

“For today’s internal communications practitioners to be effective it is essential that they have an understanding of the latest theory that underpins their work,” says Kevin Ruck of PR Academy, who edited and co-authored the book. “They also need to have knowledge of the key influencers impacting these, like social media. Only then can they deliver strategies that make a real difference and gain the influence they seek within their organisations.”

Other chapter authors include Dr Mary Welch from the University of Central Lancashire and Paul Noble, who is a published author on measurement and evaluation. The book covers topics such as organisational culture;  management theory; communication theory; employee engagement; rethinking internal communication; research and analysis; creativity and planning; the role of the internal communicator; and tone of voice.

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