WEDNESDAY 15 SEP 2010 9:20 AM


The Visual Identity Management (VIM) Group, an independent leader in brand and rebrand management solutions, has expanded its global network to Spain. Kilika, a brand implementation specialist based in Madrid, has become the newest member of the group. This addition means that VIM Group is now represented in eight countries across the world.

The VIM Group advises international organisations on the implementation aspects of the rebranding process. They intend to add more members in other countries as many clients require specialised knowledge and local brand implementation companies who have the same work ethic and methodologies.

Over its 25 years of experience, Kilika has expanded its operations from Spain to Latin America and also has a strong presence in the Iberian market. Now, as a part of the VIM Group they will help create opportunities for VIM to enter into Spanish, Latin and South American markets. CEO of Kilika, Jesús Manzano, says: “we are very pleased with our VIM Group membership. This gives us the opportunity to work for more international companies, which will without any doubt help us in developing and growing the company.”

Marc Cloosterman, the CEO of VIM Group, says that: “when it comes to brand implementation, most branding agencies hand over their work to their clients’ own organisations. Since a rebranding takes place - on average - once every seven years, specific expertise is necessary to successfully implement a new brand. Implementing a brand is a complex and cost sensitive task, this applies even more for international operating brands”.