THURSDAY 16 DEC 2010 7:04 PM


The collaboration between design agency Words & Pictures with web developers Black Marble has resulted in a new application named Avviso.

Avviso is an internal communications content delivery framework built on Microsoft’s SharePoint system, the document sharing tool.

Andy Holt, creative director at the Leeds-based Words & Pictures, and Rik Hepworth, IT director at Bradford-based Black Marble, presented a demonstration of the platform today at Microsoft in London.

The new platform will enable internal communications teams to publish documents, measure the effectiveness of their intranets, and engage with their audience is a genuine, sophisticated way.

Holt believes that the design sensibilities brought to the project by Words & Pictures married with the technical rigour of Black Marble sets Avviso apart. He also spoke of the cost benefits of a plug-and-play application such as Avviso.

“It would normally cost up to £200,000 to create a framework like Avviso – but clients have all the benefits of this kind of bespoke development for an absolute fraction of the cost.”