MONDAY 7 FEB 2011 11:06 AM


Tom Nixon, director and co-founder of digital and social media agency Nixon McInnes, has announced he is to quit the firm at the end of April.

Writing on the company’s blog, Nixon said he is leaving the agency he created in 2000 to go travelling and work in social enterprise. “Whilst it’s scary to give up the very fortunate position I’m in, I don’t want to regret not following my dreams,” he said. “You only live once and all that.”

Nixon’s exit has been planned for 18 months. His shareholding will be shared among existing and new shareholders – all of whom are on the team – and he will retain a stake in the company.

Will McInnes will continue to lead the firm as managing director. He said: “It’s a real mixture of happiness, nostalgia and excitement. I do look at our partnership with a big nostalgic smile. Whatever the drama, we dealt with it together. And looking ahead, I’m excited too – we have an abundance of opportunities before us, a friend out there in the ether, and move into a new phase for the company.”