Rebecca Pardon speaks to Jenifer Willig, CEO and co-founder of WRTHY, about their recent social impact campaigns and how businesses can help to drive social change.

Women in corporate communications are receiving more promotions than men, despite the industry's gender pay gap remaining above national average.


More than 60% of public sector organisations have no dedicated internal communication budget or one that is very restricted, according to a new study.
Google Crisis Response informs users how technology can help them before and during crises - and a new section of the site places the emphasis on preparing for crisis.
A new online service has been launched which aims to match freelance public relations professionals with those in need of support.
LinkedIn’s member base is set to rise to 165 million users by the end of 2011.
The financial services sector is still profoundly unloved, with consumers saving their affection for brands in the technology, fast food and food retail sectors.
Financial journalists are increasingly turning to online audiences in their work, with community management now an integral part of a writer’s skillset.
The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) has launched its 2011 awards programme, now known as ‘ICons’.
For those of you who’ve been on the moon for the last seven days, here’s the news.
The European Sponsorship Association is to launch a professional industry qualification in September 2011.