THURSDAY 7 JUL 2011 10:03 AM


Press release wires Response Source and SourceWire have announced they are now able to disseminate video news releases.

Daryl Willcox Publishing, which owns both online resources, says that the option to include video with a text press release will allow PR professionals “to get messages across to journalists in a more engaging way”.

The feature complements existing social media press release capability such as including images and other files, embedded links, keyword tags, social media sharing and the ability to highlight key text.

The company has created an example video news release to show how video can help convey a message. It features company chairman Daryl Willcox speaking about the history of the company and the benefits provided to users.

“Video is a great way to enhance a story – it adds character and can allow complex messages to be presented to audiences in an authoritative and concise way,” said Willcox. “Online video has clearly been around for a while but people are more receptive to video now than ever before, so it's the right time to add video to our wires. Video news releases provide a way to communicate in an accessible format and also allow companies to increase search rankings.”