MONDAY 5 DEC 2011 10:19 AM


International communications consultancy Hill & Knowlton has launched a new name and identity, Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Effective immediately, the rebrand reflects recognition of the need to offer clients informed advice about and skill in implementing their comms strategy, in the light of the digital revolution. The rebrand therefore aims to emphasize the consultancy’s position in strategic communications and involves increased investment in digital and research.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies now has 85 offices in 46 countries around the globe and despite being an established agency, founded in 1927, it recognises that times are changing.

“The new brand points to a shifting market for our clients, one with an explosion of information and a revolution in the ability of almost everyone to find that information,” says Jack Martin, global chairman and CEO.

Martin founded the WPP sister company Public Strategies and became executive chairman of the joint agency when Public Strategies merged with Hill & Knowlton in January 2011. Whereas the merger was announced months in advance, this rebrand is a sudden development, especially for a high profile company.