FRIDAY 20 JAN 2012 12:21 PM


The PRCA Access Commission has written a report for consideration by the body’s Best Practice Committee, making recommendations on how to broaden access to the PR industry.

John Lehal, chair of the Access Commission says in his introduction to the report, “There is a determination on the part of the PRCA to effect lasting change, and the independent commission members were therefore pleased to play their part in making hard-hitting recommendations to move the industry forward.”

In October 2011, the PRCA launched its Intern Campaign publishing a list of PR agencies committed to paying interns at least the National Minimum Wage. The new report features recommendations on how to further improve the practice of taking on interns and end the culture of “it’s not what you know, but who you know”.

The report also looks at how best to retain a diverse workforce once recruited, and makes recommendations regarding flexible working.

The Access Commission was launched in February 2011 to remove barriers to entering PR and now invites the PRCA to respond to each recommendation together with an action plan by March 2012.

The full report is available to download and the PRCA welcomes contributions to the discussion around points raised in the report in the PRCA LinkedIn group.