FRIDAY 10 FEB 2012 12:40 PM


A new scheme was launched in London this week that aims to change the way the PR industry takes on apprenticeships, and raise awareness of the funding that is available for them.

The PR apprenticeship scheme is being developed by the PRCA, Pearson in Practice, the Council for Administration, and Edexcel, on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service.

Government investment in the scheme indicates the demand from the PR industry for an apprentice programme, and the launch event outlined how parties and businesses can get involved in providing apprenticeships.

Speaking at the launch, Francis Ingham, chief executive of the PRCA, commented on the level of support within the industry for apprenticeships, citing the Association’s research into the matter which showed that 94% of agency MDs want a PR industry apprentice programme.

“Nearly half of agency MDs blamed a basic lack of knowledge, and a similar figure identified funding as the main problem,” said Ingham. “Together with our partners and the government, I think we’re addressing both those issues. Employers overwhelmingly welcome apprenticeships, and employees and potential employees want them too.”

The PRCA will be holding a further five evenings around the country to launch the scheme through February and March.