FRIDAY 17 FEB 2012 12:35 PM


The results of a major survey on CSR will be previewed at a conference in London next month, and early reports suggest that CSR has a promising future in the event industry.

The survey has carried out interviews with over 1000 policy makers, planners, businesses and organisations worldwide, and James Musgrave from the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality at Leeds Metropolitan University, who will present the preview, says the results bode well.

“Nearly 80% of the industry believes that clients and employees will drive CSR,” he comments, “and according to the research, the importance of CSR increases when companies are operating in developing countries. We are already seeing over 70% of industry stating that CSR is increasingly important for the workforce. Employers are seeing the results of integrating CSR values in particular in increasing motivation and staff retention.”

Musgrave will present in a session at International Confex, taking place at ExCel from 6-8 March, which focuses on event organisation. The survey has been carried out by the UK and Ireland chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI).