TUESDAY 14 AUG 2012 11:00 AM


A survey released on 14 August found that companies favour projects that relate to customer service and customer experience. Involve polled 50 heads of Internal Communications of British companies, 90 per cent of whom said that pursuing projects geared toward customer relations is one of their top-three priorities.

The survey also encountered three problems internal communications leaders must address with their employees, including ‘instilling the right customer service behaviors’ and ‘aligning employees with the brand promise’.

This news coincides with a survey released on 13 August by Hyphen documenting a sharp decline in the amount of pride employees have in their organisations. A third of women and a quarter of Londoners feel less proud of their employing company.

Involve, which implemented the internal communications survey, delineates its suggestions for improving customer service standards. One of which is to engage employees in the brand and the company’s output. Another calls on internal communications teams to treat employees like customers who can provide feedback and opinions about the projects on which they are working.

“Internal Comms leaders have an opportunity to be really creative in the way they inspire their entire organisation to keep their brand promise," managing director of Involve, Jeremy Starling said.

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