TUESDAY 4 SEP 2012 2:29 PM


The Science Museum’s popular Lates evening that runs on the last Wednesday of every month will feature a partnership with communications consultancy Forster to focus on climate change awareness in its September incarnation.

The partnership has allowed both the Science Museum and other sponsors to pursue social responsibility by engaging with visitors and children. Other sponsors of the joint Forster-Science Museum projects include Shell, Barclays and Bank of America.

Forster focuses on sustainability and social justice projects in its work and has partnered with the Science Museum on climate change since March 2012. The PR agency specialises in championing issues and opted to work with the Museum in the attempt to raise the latter’s profile in the realm of environmental issues.

“[Forster’s] strategic planning and creative approach secured a wide range of national & regional coverage, keeping the Science Museum and its connection to climate change front of mind for audiences, a key objective of the work,” Andrea Dearden, head of comms at the Science Museum says of the 2012 partnership.

Forster’s director, Cheryl Campsie, adds that its partnership with the Museum has been rewarding in that it engages with school children and teenagers to promote the issue of climate change. This month’s edition of Lates is part of a three year series of environmentally focused events hosted by the Science Museum. Forster will also be providing PR throughout London to engage a wide audience in the event and in awareness of climate change issues.

Communicate magazine will host its annual Corporate Engagement Awards, Europe’s leading celebration of corporate partnership, sponsorship and philanthropy, on 18 September.