WEDNESDAY 5 SEP 2012 1:21 PM


Another American social media company is crossing the pond. This one, however, is populated by NYSE and NASDAQ investors and analysts.

StockTwits provides traders with a Twitter-like atmosphere to discuss stocks and the finance markets and easily find opinions and data, all by using a $TICKER instead of a hashtag. The website is partnering with Investis, a leading digital corporate communications specialist, in its first European venture. While StockTwits is not yet prepared to launch an FTSE model, it will feature dual-listed companies in its online conversation.

“StockTwits is a pioneering service. It’s the world’s leading social media platform for investors, and European companies need access to the thousands of conversations around them every day,” CEO of Investis, Justin Walters says. “The US is a huge market for European companies and we are pleased to be offering them the chance to engage on such a great platform."

Investis works with more than half of the companies in the FTSE 100 and will provide StockTwits a platform from which to enter the European market. StockTwits was listed as one of TIME magazine’s 50 best websites of 2010 and has partnered with news distributors such as Reuters and Bloomberg to provide daily updates to its millions of users.