TUESDAY 11 SEP 2012 9:44 AM


Everything Everywhere launches the UK’s first 4G service today with the new brand identity of EE. The mobile carrier, which is operated jointly by T-Mobile and Orange, will continue to act as a third brand alongside its two parent companies.

In August, speculation abounded about the new name and nature of the EE network. Many thought the company would be branded Everything Everywhere 4G, the cleaner EE brand was launched with a bold new logo at a press conference at the Science Museum today.

CEO of EE, Olaf Swantee said the Everything Everywhere handle was too bulky for everyday use, thus the decision to become simply EE. He called the new brand shorter and snappier.

The EE brand will roll out alongside the expansion of 4G coverage and customers will be able to shop at EE-rebranded Orange and T-Mobile stores for access to all three companies. Other service providers have lamented the lack of competition in the 4G spectrum due to Ofcom’s awarding of the right to provide 4G to EE alone.

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