WEDNESDAY 12 SEP 2012 11:34 AM


The Great British Summer has come to an end. The Olympics and Paralympics have come and gone, the Queen rang in her Diamond Jubilee with celebration and Andy Murray has (finally) won a Grand Slam title. All this sporting and cultural success has translated into a simultaneous public relations success for the United Kingdom.

ECCO surveyed communications experts from 24 countries and found that the Games have changed the international perception of Britain for the better. Perhaps fulfilling Mayor Boris Johnson’s dream of increased tourism, 99 per cent of those polled expect that the Olympics have encouraged people to visit the UK. They also think Brits are funnier, thanks, likely to a parachuting Queen, a pair of Corgis and a few well-placed celebrities.

Lutz Cleffman, owner of a German PR agency, says, “London is not just the city of greedy bankers any more. The Olympics showed a much nicer face of the people and country.”

ECCO’s survey found a 97 per cent positive attitude toward British products and services. That may translate to an economic boost as life in the capital settles back down. London 2012 is being held responsible for the largest rise in employment in two years. The boost resulted in 236,000 people, including 91,000 in the capital, finding employment this summer.