TUESDAY 18 SEP 2012 1:27 PM


Pinterest is swiftly becoming a favourite for social networkers. Its consumer-oriented focus works well for the promotion and sale of goods. Now, those behind the product have an outlet for their work. Enter Google’s Creative Sandbox.

Creative Sandbox will allow agencies to promote their work and view others’ methods via social media. The new site is designed to showcase advertising and marketing campaigns and provide inspiration to those in the communications industry. Developed alongside AKQA, a social media and branding consultancy, the site hopes to foster understanding between the creative and the digital aspects of developing a campaign.

The site itself functions somewhat like Pinterest. Companies can add their campaigns to the Sandbox, including case studies and explanations. Users can vote up or down on their favourite campaigns, thus making the top posts on the homepage an ever-changing array.

A post on the Creative Sandbox page of Google+ says, “At Google, we're amazed by how the ad industry is using the digital canvas to bring brands and ideas to life. So we've created a space where agencies can share their digital campaigns, from across all platforms, that push the boundaries of how technology and creativity work together...and the stories of how those campaigns came to be.”

Users can ‘sift’ between categories and types of technology, among other search terms, to enhance their experience. The Sandbox also links to Google+ and other social networking sites for users to share their favourite ads and campaigns.