THURSDAY 20 SEP 2012 11:38 AM


DNV KEMA, an energy and sustainability consultancy, announced that it is joining the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA). The EUA, formerly the SBGI, recently rebranded to expand its focus from the gas industry to incorporate sustainable energy and new technologies.

DNV KEMA’s participation will be important as the UK energy sector attempts to meet national smart meter standards by 2019.

“Joining the EUA is a significant move for us as we actively engage in the UK industry conversation,” Matt Freeman, head of UK smart metering at DNV KEMA says. “Represented at all DECC smart metering working groups, the EUA has a prominent voice and we are proud to contribute our expertise towards intelligent policy considerations.”

DNV acquired KEMA, a Dutch company, earlier in the year to improve its efficiency and smart metering services. All these moves come on the heels of new EU energy legislation that requires audits to all large businesses on their energy use. The new law calls for a 3.9 per cent reduction on energy imports.