THURSDAY 20 SEP 2012 2:37 PM


Today, LogMeIn is launching a new Twitter integration and social media management tool, offering customer service teams an all-in-one solution to engagement with customers on social media sites.

The launch of BoldChat comes as increasing numbers of consumers are using Twitter as a primary service and support channel. A recent study by American Express found that 21% of consumers have used social media in the past year to obtain a customer service response.

As traditional methods of customer services, such as call centres, continue to frustrate consumers, social media provides the opportunity to speed up, personalise, and slash costs to the service, as well as helping businesses source new customers. BoldChat hopes to capitalise on this, and plans to connect businesses and their customer service teams, to consumers more effectively, yielding a faster response rate, and improving customer satisfaction.

Twitter is quickly becoming a go-to channel for customer engagement, and BoldChat claims to offer good usability and a unified approach to customer service online. Steve Castro-Miller, VP of Chat Products, LogMeIn, says, “We believe that the right approach is not just adding one more social tool to the mix, but rather giving sales, marketing and customer service teams a single, unified tool for managing all customer interactions, regardless of channel.”