FRIDAY 21 SEP 2012 12:04 PM


Four years ahead of Rio hosting the world’s biggest party, UK Trade and Investment will trek across the Atlantic on a creative mission to Brazil.

The organisation has designated Brazil one of its high growth markets and will meet with the Secretary of Culture of Sao Paulo and Brazilian arts and digital companies. Not only will the mission seek to explore the creative industry in South America, but it will bring together top digital agencies and organistaions in the UK with those in Sao Paulo.

“Brazil creates huge opportunities for British businesses,” UKTI CEO Nick Baird says, “The UK has one of the world’s largest and most successful creative industries sectors. Exports of UK creative services total just under £9 billion and British creative influence, including in Brazil, is highly regarded.”

Film and digital companies have been invited to join UKTI’s visit, among them Silva Screen Records, the IPA and MirriAd.

Brazil’s arts sector has grown 500 per cent since 2002 and features mostly small and mid-size companies. UKTI expects its mission to promote trade and build relationships between the British and Brazilian arts and creative industries before the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016.