FRIDAY 21 SEP 2012 1:05 PM


The UKPAC welcomed the Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Pattie and Caroline Flynn MacLeod of Terrington Management to its register of government lobbyists after it opened registration to all.

The register opened registration to all people and organisations who are not members of partner public affairs bodies. UKPAC’s partners, the CIPR and APPC, have encouraged members to volunteer for the register.

This followed the year-long case regarding the requirement of lobbyists to register with an official list. Though the debate is ongoing in government, the UKPAC and other registers are encouraging voluntary registration.

UKPAC chairman Elizabeth France says, “We recognise that there is uncertainty around the government plans but the UKPAC register is an opportunity for those involved in lobbying to demonstrate what can be achieved voluntarily.  Individuals and organisations need to recognise this and make the move to register now.”

UKPAC’s register now lists 1536 individuals, 387 organistaions and 2178 clients.

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