MONDAY 24 SEP 2012 11:23 AM


Definition 6, a U.S. marketing agency has acquired The News Market, the biggest video distribution platform in the world, to expand its services. The merger also prompts a rebrand of the company as Definition 6 in the UK, U.S., India and China.

The News Market engages with brands and agencies to provide provide video content to media outlets. Definition 6 is a unified marketing agency which does video distribution alongside a host of other branding, marketing and digital services.

Michael Kogon, CEO of Definition 6, says, “With the marketing landscape evolving in the ‘always connected’ world, brands more than ever need to tell their stories in compelling ways, reaching audiences through traditional, digital, and social platforms. We now have an agency even more equipped to address this.”

By combining branding and marketing with video distribution to news outlets, the new Definition 6 platform will allow brands and agencies to unify their creative and distribution efforts.

Matt Thomson, MD of Synaptic Digital, parent company of The News Market, says Definition 6’s brand storytelling and marketing expertise will complement the content marketing features of The News Market and allow more efficient branding and marketing campaigns for clients.