TUESDAY 25 SEP 2012 2:52 PM


Prime Minister David Cameron will now join the likes of Barack Obama and other world leaders with his very own Twitter account in time for the Conservative Party Conference in two weeks.

Cameron will distinguish his account from the @Number10gov handle with personal and political tweets. This makes Cameron the first prime minister who will actively tweet while in office. Gordon Brown joined Twitter for one day in 2010 to support Burma but was lambasted on the microblogging site. Tony Blair has an active account to engage users with his current projects.

It is unsure whether Cameron will tweet himself or if he will dictate to aides. Ed Milliband shares the task with his team. President Barack Obama is well-known for his active Twitter and Facebook accounts signs tweets he writes himself with ‘BO’.

Cameron once warned against politicians using Twitter, saying, “too many tweets might make you a twat.”