WEDNESDAY 26 SEP 2012 11:08 AM


A survey conducted by VMA Group shows that the public affairs industry stands financially strong in Britain.

The survey indicates that public affairs professionals believe that their organisations will be financially successful and that the industry will continue growing in 2012. Despite spending cuts in Government, two-thirds of the public affairs was unaffected, leading 25 per cent of respondents to believe there will be fewer redundancies in 2012 than in the previous year.

However, reputation has come to the forefront as the most pressing issue in the public affairs industry, displacing the economy from the top spot.

"It is particularly striking that the number one challenge for the industry is perceived as our reputation and public image, this is why the PRCA are leading the way in looking to stand up for the industry and promote the value of well executed public affairs, ethical transparent lobbying, and the role that the sector plays in delivering well thought through policy and workable legislation,” Emily Wallace, PRCA public affairs group chair, says.

The survey polled a large number of in-house private sector professionals and agencies. Responses suggested that the media and public opinion retains a negative view of lobbyists while MPs and civil servants have a positive impression. Respondents also pointed to social media skills as the most important area for self-improvement.