THURSDAY 27 SEP 2012 10:40 AM


cScape released research today showing that the intranet is perceived as an important strategic business asset. It found that marketing and internal communications teams will use the intranet more for internal projects and cross-departmental communications.

The cScape research was conducted in support of the launch of EasyShare, an intranet provider that increases efficiency in intranet-based projects. IT and comms professionals were surveyed with 95 per cent responding that effective internal comms is important to the success of their business strategies.

The intranet is increasingly becoming a must-have corporate tool for internal comms teams. Naomi Troni the new CEO of Havas Southeast Asia introduced a new intranet to streamline internal communications in front of Havas Worldwide’s recent corporate restructuring. Matt Lumsden, innovation manager at Oxfam GB, has just launched a toolkit for cross-departmental organisation on Oxfam’s intranet.

However, 82 per cent of survey respondents wanted a new intranet as their current tools are not efficient enough.

“These results capture the intranet’s transition from a “nice-to-have” to a valued strategic resource,” Rob Killick, cScape CEO, says. “They also confirm that there is a gap between what firms want from an intranet and what they feel is possible.”