THURSDAY 27 SEP 2012 1:12 PM


On the third day of Social Media Week, Communicate co-hosted an event with MyNewsDesk featuring three of the shortlisted agencies from this year’s Digital Impact Awards.

The ‘Integrating social media’ event featured speakers who discussed their use of social media in promoting their clients’ brands and raising awareness in new markets.

Dirk Singer, CEO of Rabbit, discussed his work on Pinterest and Instagram for BMI and BMIBaby. Robbie Dale, the creative director of 1000 Heads presented the interactive Facebook campaign his group designed for Skype. AKQA representatives Sunil Mohan and Christian Lindman ran through the process of launching a brand presence for Nissan in India.

“In order to reach our objective, we had to take an unconventional approach to engage our audience,” Lindman said of Nissan’s Facebook campaign and mini-Bollywood movie production.

The four speakers discussed the importance of social media in branding campaigns and how the medium lends toward creativity and innovation in marketing.

Social media was the focus of all three presentations, to the benefit of the brand in all cases. Singer said the integrated and interactive BMI project brought the airline’s flight destinations to life. Dale proved that Skype showed a 100 per cent increase in users after the innovative Facebook campaign.

“Social needs to be everywhere, everyone needs to think about it,” Lindman said.

The Digital Impact Awards are the largest celebration of digital communication. The awards ceremony takes place on 16 October at The Brewery. To book a place, click here.