MONDAY 8 OCT 2012 11:17 AM


London’s Institute of Cancer Research has debuted a Fibonacci sequence-inspired rebrand with Saffron, a brand consultancy.

The £187,000 project aims to increase the brand’s prominence in the charity sector and raise £100 million by 2020. Saffron also developed a new tagline for the Institute – ‘Making discoveries that defeat cancer’ – to emphasize that research leads to new ideas, not necessarily cures.

“There are countless cancer charities and institutions – it’s a very important area, but potentially very confusing,” Ian Stephens, Saffron MD, says. “We needed to clarify [the charity’s] position through its verbal and visual identity.”

Other images used represent nature, math and science in graphic form to make the brand bolder and more iconic. The ICR is funded in part by Cancer Research UK, which also underwent a massive rebranding in September. A slew of other charities have rebranded in the past months to promote awareness, fundraising and political and scientific clout.

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