MONDAY 15 OCT 2012 1:19 PM


The Love Boat extended its magical powers to a joint envoy from the PRCA and the CIPR. Sally Sykes, the president of the CIPR and Martin Bostock, chairman-elect of the PRCA, took a brief respite from the Communication Directors’ Forum (CDF) to attend the official opening of PR consultancy Liquid’s new offices in Guernsey.

The detente was organised by chair of the PRCA Council and chief executive of communications at Liquid, Lis Lewis-Jones. Liquid hosted the event to promote its continued expansion into the channel islands from its existing offices in London, Jersey and Birmingham.

“The conference provided us with a unique opportunity for representatives of both the PRCA and the CIPR to come to Guernsey, meet the Liquid team and understand more about the local PR industry,” Lewis-Jones says.

The CDF took place over three days aboard the Aurora during which most time was spent anchored just out of reach of Guernsey. The CIPR/PRCA excursion allowed participants a brief reminder of life on solid ground outside the hallowed halls of the Aurora. Bostock ran a workshop at the CDF on client/agency relations. Liquid, the CIPR and the PRCA attended as suppliers.

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