TUESDAY 16 OCT 2012 10:10 AM


Blue Rubicon’s fresh consumer-facing subdivision, Surname & Surname, has been launched with a tongue-in-cheek identity courtesy of NB Studio.

NB Studio aimed to provide fun, humourous branding for the ‘anti-ego’ PR agency. The result was a classic design with room for personality.

Nick Finney, creative director at Studio NB says, “A lot of other “funky” consultancies for consumer-facing brands seem to focus on loud text, neons, and an overflow of information - with homepages full of puns, jokes, twitter-feeds. It was our challenge to show the successes and creative range of Surname & Surname, whilst maintaining a ‘less is more’ aesthetic. We’ve developed a visual toolkit for them which fits their style of modern, agile creativity.”

The agency boasts a launch staff of six employees led by Lotte Jones and Kev O’Sullivan, both formerly associate directors at Blue Rubicon. The pair say they will appeal to global brands and put a creative and energetic face on Blue Rubicon’s consumer-facing services.

Blue Rubicon recently launched Thirty Six Strategy as a PR outlet for political campaigning, with further expansion promised by Blue Rubicon CEO Gordon Tempest-Hay.