MONDAY 29 OCT 2012 2:08 PM


The Employers’ Forum on Disability has been relaunched today as the Business Disability Forum with a rebranded identity and website. The organisation's its restructuring is meant to increase its reach and its ability to promote disability awareness among employers.

The problem facing the Employers’ Forum on Disability was an incoherence and inconsistency of its brand, on its website and in its overall strategy. It appointed Fairley & Associates to realign the organisation with its values and see those values reflected in the Forum's visual and digital representation.

Studio Blackburn designed the Forum’s new logo and identity and Fairley & Associates, a brand consultancy, carried out the restructure strategy. The goal of both consultants in the rebrand was to ensure the message of ‘building disability-smart organisations' was promoted visually and strategically.

Catherine Grinyer, comms director at the Business Disability Forum, says, “Fairley & Associates brought clarity of thought on the brand idea and intelligent advice on how to reposition the offer and sort out our marketing strategy. They gave us the confidence to steer the project internally and the insight on how to navigate the stumbling blocks. Their approach is pragmatic and no-nonsense. Studio Blackburn’s design is clear, contemporary and elegant, allowing our values to come to the fore in a fresh and lucid manner.”

Fairley & Associates say the challenge facing them was deciding on the name of the redesigned organisation. They say the new name and logo have aligned the visual identity of the Business DisabilityForum with its strategy and outlook.

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