WEDNESDAY 31 OCT 2012 10:30 AM


They say the recession is over. They say jobs are available. They say the economy is rebounding. According to a survey, this is true, if only for the online market.

The survey reflects job growth in the third quarter and sees vast improvement for vastly improved internet companies and industries. HTML5, which has swiftly gained traction recorded 44% growth and eBay a 41% increase following a massive rebranding and format overhaul.

The category featuring the most growth, however, is ‘copy typing’. This means that 6,932 people were employed to translate physical documents to electronic, resulting in a 145% increase for the category.

Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer says, “Every industry we can think of is turning into a software business, and every job function is increasingly being performed using software tools in the cloud. This online job report tracks the current leaders and laggards of this transformation.”

Similarly, jobs related to online content have increased. Wordpress, proofreading and design jobs have all seen a boom this quarter due to an increasing focus on digital business strategies. Facebook, which has had an up and down year, saw its job growth plummet in the second quarter before rebounding this quarter with 11% growth.