WEDNESDAY 31 OCT 2012 3:46 PM


The word weve does not exist. It’s ‘we’ve’ or ‘weave’ or ‘we have’ or, now, EE plus Vodafone plus Telefonica UK.

That’s right, Everything Everywhere, which is itself a coalesced brand built from Orange and T-Mobile, has partnered with Vodafone and O2 in a new joint venture to promote mobile commerce.

Confused yet?

Design agency Someone hopes to clear up that confusion with innovative branding. The identity for this joined-up coalition features a variety of objects, like lightbulbs and ball bearings, joined together to create the word ‘weve’ which has ‘joined up mobile.’

In any case, weve is here and will be overseeing the mobile advertising and monetisation ahead of the roll out of 4G service across the UK. It will act as a B2B service with the primary function of attracting advertisers to mobile commerce.

Its branding will act as a collective identity for the three partner companies and promote mobile marketing. The brand will be used for “media companies and large multinationals. As a digital brand, Weve will need to work for online and mobile,” Gary Holt, Someone co-founder, says.