WEDNESDAY 7 NOV 2012 5:23 PM


Twenty million passengers per year will pass underneath its rebuilt and redesigned waved roof. Twenty-eight planes will dot its edges attached by spindly Jetways. Twenty-five thousand employees and external stakeholders will be charged with managing all of that.

To prepare for the 2014 grand re-opening of Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 2, a thorough internal communications structure has been developed. The employee readiness strategy will familiarise staff with the new layout of the massive £2.5 billion structure. The programme will not only engage with Heathrow staff, but T2’s stakeholders as well.

Cliff Ettridge, internal communications director at The Team, which designed the internal communications strategy, says, “We're delighted to be working with Heathrow once more. Undoubtedly Terminal 2 will demonstrate again what a great airport Heathrow is and we're delighted to have been asked to engage staff and stakeholders with what this new terminal can deliver.”

The Team has created a print and digital roadmap for use by T2 staff and stakeholders in the run-up to the re-opening. The agency was also charged with the Airline Moves project which communicated to employees the rehousing of airlines from T5 to other terminals.

An effective employee communications strategy is a must for T2 which has a massive 1,500 seat departure lounge in the works alongside nearly 50 immigration desks to handle about 3,000 passengers per hour in the works. The programme will roll out in December 2012 and run until the terminal opens in early 2014 with activities throughout the year.