WEDNESDAY 28 NOV 2012 12:13 PM


Sustainability in business has become more than just a buzzword as glaciers melt and the sea level continues to rise. This week, London is hosting the Sustainable Brands conference to promote and discuss corporate practice in environmental and sustainable responsibility.

The conference itself features two days of speakers, workshops and discussions from leaders in global business and sustainability. At the conference, Dragon Rouge, will debut a project that examines the sustainability practices of six major companies and provides advice to benefit their long-term models.

Some of the companies studied have changed the way they function to allow for greener, more efficient energy use. EasyJet’s rail offering provides fares based on excess capacity on trains in the EU and its trains recovers unused energy to be recycled back through the grid. Rio Tinto, world leader in mining, has decreased its landfill output by 85% by repurposing manufactured goods and materials.

Retailers involved in the programme have enhanced their sustainability practices in the manufacturing and in the customer-side of their businesses.

Fiona Bennie, head of sustainability for Dragon Rouge, says, “People have given up on governments to effect positive change in sustainable living and are increasingly looking to brands to take the lead. We've created six provocative, challenging concepts based on today's brands projected into 2030 to demonstrate how they can make a positive contribution to society and have little to no impact on the environment while still retaining their brand personality and meeting consumer expectations.”

The conference concludes this evening but sessions can be accessed via online streaming.