WEDNESDAY 5 DEC 2012 11:14 AM


While there are no odds on if the new Paddy Power branding will be embraced by customers, it does serve to update an outdated visual identity.

Landor Associates has developed a new concept for the bookmakers’ branding to communicate the ‘mischief at the heart’ of the brand. On the first of the new year, the branding will roll out across all channels, digital and physical to create a consistent look across all of Paddy Power’s holdings.

Paddy Power had outgrown its 25-year-old identity that didn’t espouse the same sense of entertainment and fun the brand wanted to convey. It decided to revamp its image beginning with a refined shade of grey and a new logo. The new set of branding guidelines will help create equity and unity throughout the company’s many offerings and divisions.

Head of brand at Paddy Power, Alex Phelan, says, “Mischief is at the heart of the Paddy Power Brand and has been a core value in the business from the outset - right from when we introduced novelty odds with a market on whether the Pope would join Glasgow Rangers in the 80s.  Our new BVI embodies this mischievous spirit, differentiating us from our competitors and giving us a forward-looking but authentic identity across all of our channels.”