THURSDAY 6 DEC 2012 10:50 AM


Edinburgh Castle perches atop a hill overlooking the city. Now, it also perches atop an air traffic control tower on Edinburgh Airport’s rebranded logo.

The airport, through which 9.4 million passengers travel each year, has launched a new visual identity to mark a change in ownership from BAA to Global Infrastructure Partners. BAA recently announced the devolution of its brand, allowing the several airports under its umbrella to pursue independent ownership and branding.

The logo was put to a competition for local design agencies, with the winning control tower/castle combo developed by Taste Design. The rebrand comes alongside the acquisition of new routes from budget airlines Easyjet and Ryanair.

Gordon Dewar, CEO of the airport, says, “The rebrand is simple, yet effective, and a fairly straightforward statement of intent. I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t like it.”

Criticism has already arisen about the conservative nature of the rebrand, particularly in light of the recent trend to name airports after prominent citizens as with Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. But Dewar says,"We want to deliver a world of opportunities to the people of Edinburgh and of Scotland, and to tempt many more people from around the world to visit Scotland and our amazing capital city....However you use Edinburgh Airport, we want you to feel good about your capital city's airport and we want you to be proud of it."

The dissolving of the BAA brand also affects Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and others. To read more click here.