WEDNESDAY 12 DEC 2012 10:39 AM


The Tree Council is barking up a new tree with a campaign designed by Marc & Anna.

The charity plants trees in playgrounds and public spaces and now, will be planting some in the mailboxes of supporters. The new campaign features roll-up posters designed to look like bark on one side with a tree nametag closure.

The campaign was launched to raise awareness of the Tree Council and its work in addition to the importance of planting trees in urban spaces. The Friends of the Tree Council will be the focus of the campaign as the Tree Council looks to increase donations.

Marc Atkinson, Marc & Anna co-founder, says, “The brief was quite open. We wanted to avoid any visual clichés so we went for something mainly copy-based, but using small visual references to trees within that copy. We focused on the trees to make sure it appealed to as wide an audience as possible.”

In the past few months, many charities have been rebranding. Many, like Cancer Research UK or Samaritans, are large, well-known organisations. But groups like the Donkey Sanctuary have also sought new campaigns or identities as part of an effort to increase awareness and raise funds in a difficult economic climate.