TUESDAY 18 DEC 2012 11:36 AM


A major UK ICT provider has rebranded its corporate identity to modernise its website and brand presence.

A bright and shiny new website spearheads the GCI rebrand, allowing visitors a more direct route to understanding GCI’s IT offering and services. The new branding was designed to reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and its customer-centric approach.

“We have transformed GCI into a business that connects more closely with customers in a highly competitive and evolving market place,” Wayne Martin, GCI's CEO, says. “Our new brand reflects who we are, the industries we serve and the service that differentiates us. Through a series of acquisitions we have expanded into new markets, created new products, acquired new capabilities, and developed our technologies - all to ensure we make it easier, faster, and less costly for our customers to communicate and store information.”

The new GCI identity shortens the company’s name from GCI Com and the rebrand will roll out across the company’s infrastructure over the next 12 months. Alongside the rebranding, GCI appointed a new MD in August and has bolstered its senior management team to encourage further expansion.