TUESDAY 18 DEC 2012 12:28 PM


Last week, an Oracle survey pointed to customer service as a linchpin for effective customer service and promotion of brand loyalty. Research published today by Brand Embassy shows that social media is identified as the most effective means of doing so.

The customer service apparatuses of 50 British and 50 Czech brands were examined. Facebook, the survey found, sees the best and quickest response by brands, with and 88% response rate – 11% higher than by email or online. Facebook also led to a faster turnover than to enquiries submitted via email or a company’s website.

Brand loyalty is built from more than customer service, but poor service has the potential to erode trust in brands. A Conversocial survey shows that customers expect quick responses via social media. Displeased customers are apt to abandon a brand in favour of its competitors 64% of the time.

Many companies, despite positive response times, failed to address customer queries adequately; except for FMCG brands which had a 100% success rate in providing relevant responses. The electronics, telecom, fast food and IT industries lags behind other consumer brands in adequately addressing customer enquiries. However, in the Oracle research, those companies were perceived well by customers.