THURSDAY 20 DEC 2012 11:37 AM


Christmas means mince pies, turkey and stuffing and countless other goodies. It also means everyone’s New Year’s resolution will be to ‘get fit’.

LighterLife, a weight loss company, has launched a new visual identity to attract customers while their resolutions are still hot. The So Creative-designed identity injects welcome humour into the LighterLife brand. Fifties-style pin-ups will not be out of place in the diet house’s new marketing push, overseen by Brothers and Sisters.

LighterLife CEO Sarah Kelly explains that the company’s approach to weight loss is behavioural change.

“Our consumer insights work showed that the general public were fed up of being told the same old mantra by weight loss companies that all you need to do is ‘eat less, move more’ and are screaming out for a new approach that looks at their mindset and relationship with food,” she says. “With this evidence behind us, we feel confident that the new brand will be a big success and reap dividends for next year.”

Major American weight loss brand WeightWatchers recently launched a rebrand in the United States. Pentagram’s colourful, gradient based identity also aimed to promote lifestyle changes alongside dieting as part of the weight loss programme.

But there’s still a few days left in 2012 so bring on the mince pies!