THURSDAY 20 DEC 2012 12:19 PM


In July, the PRCA and Pearson in Practice, alongside 50 employers in the PR industry launched an initiative to begin a PR apprenticeship scheme. The programme places young people interested in the PR industry who are not at university with agencies across the industry.

PRCA apprentices work simultaneously at securing qualifications and at on-the-job training. Three months on from the start of the programme, apprentice Josh Speers gives an update on the progress of the apprentices.

Speers has worked at 3 Monkeys Communications while attending fortnightly training with Pearson in Practice to gain academic qualifications. The dual nature of the programme tackles some of the issues facing interns in the UK. Over 70% of interns in Britain are unpaid and only a nominal amount of interns in the communications industry are from a minority background.

Other programmes are in place, such as the Taylor Bennett Foundation which provides training and work experience for graduates. The CIPR allows free membership to students and provides discounted training and qualifications courses.

The PRCA’s scheme is one of few that allows simultaneous training and work-experience.

Speers says, “From my initial few months at 3 Monkeys, I really do believe that this programme is the best approach for me to learn about the industry. When I finish my qualifications and jump into full time employment, I believe this experience will have prepared me for working life much better than any text book or lecturer could have done.”

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