MONDAY 18 MAR 2013 11:16 AM


With international pizza companies offering rewards programmes, discounts and gimmicks left and right, breaking away from the pack is becoming more difficult. Domino’s Pizza, a US-based chain, revamped its branding last September but rolled out the new look to its UK outposts only this week.

The branding features a modernisation of the stylised domino, but boldly, does not include the company’s name. This was a conscious move to bring the brand in line with the likes of Nike or Cadbury, brands whose reputations precede them; brands which have surpassed the need for identifying marks beyond a simple swoosh or colour or characteristic object.

Domino’s UK’s marketing director, Simon Wallis, says, “The brand is now one of the most easily recognisable symbols in the country. The name Domino’s is synonymous when referring to pizza delivery and this is a reflection of how far the Domino’s brand has come.”

While the rebrand began years ago when the company acknowledged that its pizza was, honestly, not very good, the UK roll-out is part of an international push that will send the now-denuded domino logo around the world.

The 805-store wide rebrand has already raked in an additional 13% in sales revenue for Domino’s last year alone. Iris Worldwide has worked on the UK brand implementation.

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