TUESDAY 9 APR 2013 1:57 PM


The weather now has a sunny new outlook on branding. AccuWeather, favoured worldwide weather forecaster, has introduced a new logo and brand identity to better integrate its properties in a digital world.

The sunny new wordmark, complete with 12-pointed sun and bright orange type represents warmth, friendliness and trust, according to the weather company. The branding replaces a rounded rectanglar shape logo in an appropriately stormy blue.

Over 850 million people in 2.7 million locations use AccuWeather daily. With that loyal yet expanisve and varied audience, rebranding could have been a disaster. In order to avoid rejection or misinterpretation of the new mark, extensive research went into colour usage in different cultures around the world before alighting on orange for the wordmark.

A revamped sun icon was implemented to become a recognisable symbol on apps and on social media.

CMO John Dokes says, “We hope that the new brand system helps tell our story across all possible media of being the world’s most accurate source of weather information. We are excited to put a warm, fresh face on a brand consumers have trusted for years.”

The branding – including the AccuWeather wordmark and its digital iterations – was introduced at a trade show for broadcasters in Las Vegas earlier this week.