TUESDAY 9 APR 2013 2:39 PM


Sausages form quite a large part of traditional British cuisine. Cynical humour and a preference for four letter words form quite a large part of traditional British vocabulary.

Elmwood has combined the two for a Heck of a visual identity.

In a food industry plagued by kinks in the meat supply chain and communications woes, the Debbie and Andrew Keeble range of Heck sausages promise farmer’s market quality and farm-to-plate freshness.

The Keeble family have been producing sausage and meat products sourced from their own Yorkshire farm for 14 years. The promise of quality ingredients and a transparent supply chain has become more relevant for consumers since the horsemeat crisis originated earlier this year. As trusted brands have fallen victim to fraudulent suppliers, locally-sourced produce and meat has become a key aspect of the brand promise for food companies.

Elmwood creative director Andrew Lawrence, who worked on the Heck branding, says, “With the recent controversy across the food sector it is great to be working with a food brand that holds such high values in terms of what is put into their products.”

The Heck branding highlights the attention to quality the Keeble family’s products exhibit, with a touch of good-natured British humour. Elmwood worked with the Keebles on developing a tone of voice to coincide with the punchy brand name – the strapline to be used on the newly-developed packaging is “We do damn good sausages!”

The sausages will make their debut at Tesco and Ocado.

To read more about supply chain communications, the food industry and horsemeat, see the upcoming April issue of Communicate at communicatemagazine/onmyipad.