WEDNESDAY 8 MAY 2013 2:11 PM


The precision of the law can make the merger of two law firms a branding nightmare. Fortunately, for Uffindell Group, Bond Pearce and Dickinson Dees were determined to use branding as an tool in ensuring the merger’s success.

The newly-minted Bond Dickinson firm sought to reflect the heritage and reputation of each individual firm while establishing the merged brand as an ambitious and future-minded entity.

Uffindell Group was charged not only with the design of a fresh brand, but also with developing the positioning of the new company and fostering the growth of the consolidated internal culture.

Bond Dicksinson is comprised of 142 partners and 1,200 staff across the UK. Thus, the internal positioning of the assimilated company was a key concern during the branding.

“This process demonstrated to us how important brand can be as a catalyst for positive transformation – creating an inspiring brand for both the internal audience and the legal market as a whole,” Nick Page, chairman of Bond Dickinson, says.

Uffindell Group’s creative director Gary Black notes that the individual heritage of each firm was emphasised while being incorporated into an inspiring and comfortable new brand.