THURSDAY 23 MAY 2013 8:49 AM


Consulting firms are increasing their Facebook usage to focus on specific topics and build relationships. According to Source Information Services in the report “Facebook, thought leadership and consulting firms”, companies are using this social media to build their brand and highlight issues and experiences with potential clients.

The report analysed the Facebook activity of 12 consulting firms, looking at how they underline issues and solutions to drive the demand for consulting services within their communities. The report calls attention to the fact that Facebook can create a great number of potential clients.

It notes that companies aware of this fact can use social to raise brand awareness and attract potential clients. Rachel Ainsworth, Source’s head of research says, “A potential client could take a look at your Facebook page to get a sense of what type of consulting firm you are, and if they find a page that’s badly put together, it’s going to be very difficult to convince them of your technical know-how.”

Although the number of likes can demonstrate a page’s potential audience, that metric cannot measure the level of engagement between the audience and firms. According to the report, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC and McKinsey Quarterly have passed the 100,000 likes barrier.

However, engagement is a more effective measurement of the level of interaction people have with brands on social media as it includes the number of likes, shares and comments. Social Media and Facebbok can benefit consulting companies because it provides insights about the topics the public is concerned.

Is a venue in which they can identify their target audience, and discuss specific topics, adding value to the reader. As s result, social media engagement can build relationship, since emotional ties humanise the interaction with potential clients, which could potentially drive consumers’ preferences. As companies provide comments on key topics, they are valued by readers and encourage further interaction with potential clients whilst disseminating the company’s brand.