THURSDAY 23 MAY 2013 12:53 PM


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) published its annual and financial reports for today.

The annual and finance reports are released simultaneously to provide readers the opportunity to compare the data covering the company’s financial and operational performance throughout last year.

The CIPR invested in increasing its policy activity and in promoting value of reputation in order to improve and lead in digital areas. Such efforts increased 13% of total memberships of the institute, 14% of membership admissions, 4% of paying members, 259% of student memberships, 29% of CPD completions, 30% of qualifications enrolments and a 26% increase in training workshop delegates.

With regards to finance, the CIPR aimed to rebuild its reserves to guarantee financial security and economic sustainability. Hence, services needed to be delivered at an appropriate cost for the members and non-members.

Jane Wilson, CIPR’s CEO said: “Against the challenging background of the current economic climate, the Institute has delivered some impressive increases in participation across the board, whilst at the same time delivering a significant third successive year of profitability.”

Thus, such successes prove that a commitment in public relations to the professional development and accountability can be a determinant factor for companies.

To celebrate the results, the members are invited to the CIPR annual general meeting at the Royal College of Physicians on June 13th, which will have Jake Straw as a guest speaker.